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Natural & Organic Henna Powder

Wholesaler in Sojat, Rajasthan, India Henna powder manufacturer​

We started this business in India, the only wholesale market of henna in India. We provide a big platform where you reach at one place. Our mission is to deliver quality products with variety. Sojat produces the largest quantity of the finest quality henna in the world in terms of color and conditioning for use in India and abroad. We are well known Natural Henna Powder Wholesaler in Sojat , Rajasthan, India.

We provide 100% natural and pure henna and herbs without any chemical. Our goods are processed in 100% chemical free factory. ​ The mission of our company is to give 100% satisfaction to the customers and users and transparency to the customers. Our team is focused and trained for this. Finding 100% Pure Organic Henna Powder manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers in India is not an easy task. With Pankhudi Henna Powder you get pure chemical free henna mehndi powder for hair, eyebrows and tattoos at very affordable price. We are also known as henna supplier and manufacturer in Sojat, Rajasthan, India. Our specialists are professionally qualified.

We have branches all over India. We deal with natural & pure henna. we have available all types of henna like black henna, henna powder for cone , henna powder for hair and art. With our range of products, we want to prove that we are a prime source for those looking for purity. Our company has many products like Black Henna for Body Art, Black Henna for Hair, Henna Tattoo, Organic Henna, Organic Henna for Hair and Permanent Henna Tattoo.

Rakesh Gehlot - Pankhudi CEO

We are the top industry globally for the last 8 years. We are supplying henna powder worldwide.

Our products are 100% natural There are certificates for reliability and its correctness. Our products are toxic free and healthy for all. We deliver our products to customers with 100% satisfaction. Our products are clinically tested and well dyed.

Sojat is considered to be the organic henna powder supplier in India, worldwide. We provide our customers the right kind of products for a competitive edge in the market. All products are manufactured to meet the quality standards and acceptance criteria of various countries and hence domestic And are widely accepted in export markets. We offer a wide range of herbal hair care Have been. We can also provide customized solutions as per buyer's requirements and specifications.

Facilities :

Pankhudi Beauty Products: A Commitment to Excellence

At Pankhudi Beauty Products, we take pride in our journey, marked by substantial investments in infrastructure, fostering the creation of a product basket that is 100% certified and celebrated for its excellence. Our dedication to quality is underpinned by a meticulously structured infrastructure, with specialized units ensuring each aspect of our operations meets the highest standards.

Our Infrastructure:

  1. Procurement Unit:

    • Rigorous Selection: Our Procurement Unit meticulously selects the finest raw materials, ensuring the foundation of our products is of the highest quality.
    • Ethical Sourcing: Upholding ethical business practices, we prioritize sourcing from reputable suppliers, fostering sustainability and fairness.
  2. R&D Unit:

    • Continuous Innovation: Our Research and Development Unit is the hub of innovation, ensuring our products remain at the forefront of the beauty industry.
    • Hygienic Formulations: Hygiene is paramount, and our team consistently formulates products that adhere to the strictest hygiene standards.
  3. Manufacturing Unit:

    • Strict Production Oversight: We maintain a strict check on the production process, emphasizing precision and adherence to quality norms.
    • Certified Products: Our manufacturing unit is the heartbeat of our operation, where every product is crafted to meet and exceed prescribed quality standards.
  4. Quality Assurance Unit:

    • Thorough Inspection: Our dedicated Quality Assurance Unit conducts thorough inspections at every stage, guaranteeing the integrity and quality of our products.
    • Certified Batches: Each product batch is certified, affirming its compliance with industry standards and our commitment to excellence.
  5. Storage Unit:

    • Optimal Conditions: Our Storage Unit ensures that products are stored under optimal conditions, preserving their freshness and efficacy.
    • Hygienic Environment: Hygiene is non-negotiable, and our storage facilities maintain a hygienic environment to safeguard the integrity of our products.
  6. Packaging Unit:

    • Secure Packaging: Our Packaging Unit employs secure and eco-friendly packaging methods, ensuring your products reach you in pristine condition.
    • Sustainable Practices: We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint through responsible packaging choices.
  7. Transportation Unit:

    • Efficient Logistics: With excellent logistics facilities, our Transportation Unit ensures timely and safe delivery of our products to customers nationwide.
    • Wide Distribution Network: Our extensive distribution network allows us to reach customers far and wide, making Pankhudi Beauty Products accessible to all.

Our Sufficient Facts:

  • Hygienic Products : Our commitment to hygienic products is embedded in every step of our production process.
  • Ethical Business Practices : We uphold ethical business practices, ensuring fairness and transparency in all our dealings.
  • Strict Check on Production Process : Our stringent checks guarantee that every product meets the highest production standards.
  • Prescribed Quality Norms : Pankhudi Beauty Products adhere to and surpass the quality norms prescribed by regulatory bodies.
  • Efficient Team : Behind our success is an efficient and dedicated team committed to delivering excellence.
  • Excellent Logistics Facilities : We boast excellent logistics facilities to ensure the seamless flow of products from our units to your doorstep.
  • Wide Distribution Network : Our wide distribution network makes Pankhudi Beauty Products accessible to beauty enthusiasts across the nation.

At Pankhudi Beauty Products, we invite you to experience a beauty journey crafted with precision, ethics, and excellence. Join us in embracing the beauty of purity.

Meet Our Exceptional Crew: Crafting Excellence 24/7

At Pankhudi Beauty Products, our success story is etched by the hands of our dedicated and skilled crew. Comprising industry-experienced and talented individuals, our team works around the clock, embodying our commitment to serving optimal Henna and other beauty products to our valued clients. Allow us to introduce the key players in our exceptional crew:

1. Purchase Managers:

  • The Architects of Quality Sourcing: Our Purchase Managers are experts in sourcing the finest raw materials, ensuring the foundation of our products is of the highest quality.

2. Skilled Workers:

  • Crafting Beauty with Precision: Our Skilled Workers are the artisans behind the scenes, meticulously crafting our products with precision and care.

3. Supervisors:

  • Guiding the Journey: Supervisors play a crucial role in overseeing operations, ensuring that each step in our production process aligns with our commitment to excellence.

4. Quality Auditors:

  • Guardians of Excellence: Our Quality Auditors conduct meticulous checks, ensuring that every product meets and exceeds the stringent quality standards set by Pankhudi.

5. Production Managers:

  • Navigating the Manufacturing Landscape: Production Managers lead the way in our manufacturing unit, orchestrating the creation of beauty products that stand out in quality and innovation.

6. Marketing and Sales Executives:

  • Connecting Beauty to You: Marketing and Sales Executives work tirelessly to bring our products to your attention, ensuring that Pankhudi Beauty Products become an integral part of your beauty routine.

7. Warehousing Specialists:

  • Custodians of Freshness: Warehousing Specialists maintain optimal conditions to preserve the freshness and efficacy of our products before they reach your hands.

8. Packaging Specialists:

  • Artists of Presentation: Packaging Specialists ensure that each product is presented securely and beautifully, reflecting the quality within.

9. Logistics Specialists:

  • Efficiency in Motion: Logistics Specialists oversee the seamless movement of our products from our units to your doorstep, ensuring timely and safe delivery.

Our crew at Pankhudi Beauty Products is more than a team; it’s a family of dedicated professionals, each contributing their expertise to the crafting of beauty. Their unwavering commitment ensures that every product bearing the Pankhudi name is a testament to excellence, innovation, and the beauty of purity.


Why join us?

Our company has been selected to avail a large product line of products like Multani Mitti Powder, Amla Powder, Aritha Powder etc. As an expert we provide best natural and herbal solutions to our valued clients. Our business enterprise is based on the pillar of ethics and honesty. Listed below are some other factors due to which customers prefer to do business with us:

Our vision & core objective

We aim to take our business to the international level and establish ourselves as a reputed manufacturer. We are on a mission to make people’s lives better, beautiful and healthier through natural materials. Our company seeks to promote a culture of service with gratitude. We aim to be the global leader of henna products and want to make our brand the best seller in the markets. Furthermore, we aim to be a business model and grow continuously in the industry.

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